health guarantee


Health Guarantee Contract

Puppies are guaranteed to be healthy when sent to their new homes.  They will be wormed and all shots will be up-to-date. You have two business days in which to have your puppy checked out by your own licensed veterinarian. If your puppy is found to be ill you may return the pup for another pup or full refund if none are available.

Buyer is aware that puppies should not be allowed in outdoor or public areas used by other dogs until they are fully vaccinated at 16-17 weeks. This reduces the chance of the puppy picking up a communicable disease such as Parvo.  The buyer is aware that the Parvo virus can be fatal to pups even with costly medical intervention.  

Buyer and seller agree on the following:  If a congenital disease or deformity which is life threatening is detected before the puppy is 3 years of age, the seller agrees to refund the full purchase price upon the return of the puppy.  The buyer must provide statements from 2 licensed veterinarians confirming the disease or deformity and showing that it could only be the result of heredity/genetics or if in Colorado, from one vet plus one vet from Coal Mine Animal Hospital. Any vet costs, medical bills, or transportation costs while the pup is under the care of the buyer are the responsibility of the buyer. No puppy will be refunded provided if the disease or deformity could have been caused by environmental factors or neglect.

The buyer agrees not to breed their dog, but to spay/neuter puppy before the puppy is 10 months old. 

The buyer also agrees to provide the dog with a loving home, wheat-free food and water, proper shelter, and companionship. The buyer also agrees to send the seller a picture of the puppy between 9 and 13 months of age (thru mail or electronically), or this contract is void.

All pups must be picked up in Colorado.


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