Looking for one guardian family Near Denver - unfortunately no other puppies available for our upcoming litter.

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Welcome! If you are looking for a dream small red or apricot Golden Doodle, you have found the right place!

We are a family breeder with the most good-natured mellow apricot poodle, Ivy (pictured here). We have raised Ivy’s pups in our home from day one. They are held everyday and are very well socialized. We introduce them to children of all ages and lots of new things before you even bring them home. Given both parents' relaxed and ready-to-please dispositions, we expect puppies to be excellent as family pets or as therapy dogs.

All pups come with a health guarantee. We hope to provide you with the delight of a perfect dog companion for many years to come.

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Also see Ivy's Facebook page: Ivy Stoodle Shepard

Wishing you a tail wagging fabulous day!

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